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Asylum Labs has created a cross-device, highly secure, scaleable platform for the delivery of mobile gaming content called ArcLight Universal Platform (AUP).  This platform comes in both Freemium and (soon) Real-Money versions.  Our technology is 'client agnostic'; we currently support games developed in HTML5, Flash Air and Unity.


Unlike many 'platform' providers out there, we are game developers first.  We ship our own games on the AUP platform to stress-test the features from a developer's perspective.  We built this technology to deploy into the widest possible range of Casual and iGaming environments.

ArcLight Freemium


  • cross-platform support : client agnostic.  Web browsers, iOS and Android

  • inter-operable : join in from any device, switch devices live etc.

  • Node.js based (prefered solution of LInkedIn, Microsoft, Walmart & Paypal)

  • math on servers : high security, best practices even for Freemium

  • realtime synchronous gameplay ; true "multiplayer" games

  • massively scalable : ~ 500k PCU

  • optimized with compact messaging protocols

  • flat growth costs; adding concurrent users after 200k is flat cost

  • robust and scaleable database solution

  • integrates with 3rd party analytics

  • persistent and deep user profiles

  • group chat

  • bots

  • Facebook Integration (both FB deployment, FB Connect & Wall posts)

  • Unique Friends lists

  • Teams

  • profile frames as designators

  • new 'Play With' Friends feature

  • asynchronous messaging & alerts

  • Gifts

  • Leaderboards

  • virtual currency

  • Privacy controls

  • Public Rooms

  • browser based, data-driven and game variables & automated localization

  • matched ranking based on weighted decision priority

  • IAP (In-App Purchases; Facebook, Apple iTunes & Google Play)

  • 24/7 cloud-based always on redundancy

  • Achievements

  • Collectibles

  • Maintenance mode (support for messaging users prior, during and after system updates)

  • Emoticons (multiple)

ArcLight iGaming


  • build community and differentiate Operator's product

  • extends & integrates with Operator's existng systems

  • real money currency interface with various payment systems

  • integrate w/ customer support & CRM systems

  • transparent and regulatory compliant book-keeping​

  • virtual currency (optional)

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