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Hedge 'Em


Watch, Predict …. Win!
Watch games of Texas Holdem play out,
Predict which hand or hands will rank best when the River is dealt,
Win cash when you predict correctly!

It really is that simple!

• Are you a Higher Roller? - then bet heavy on the favourite to almost guarantee a quick return.

• Feeling lucky? – then bet a little on an outsider and rake in the cash when your punt hits.

• Want to Hedge your bets? - then spread your betting over multiple hands.


Texas Hedge’Em® is a player-vs-house version of the globally popular Texas Holdem. Games of holdem are dealt in the normal three stages (PRE-FLOP, FLOP and TURN) then wager opportunities are presented to the player to optionally bet upon. When the player clicks ‘Deal’ the remaining cards are dealt and the result declared; if the player had bet on the winning hand (or hands) they win a cash prize determined by the odds presented at the time of the bet.

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