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    Asylum Labs Inc. was formed in 2013 to create compelling content at the intersection of the Casino and Video Games industries.  Founded by four veterans, our company is focused on ‘AAA indie’ development.  All Asylum games feature quality production values and an emphasis on social networking elements (what we call Social 2.0).  We are focused on digital distribution, social casino and real-money online.  We are passionate about games and have a strong vision for where the industry is headed.


   Our development model leverages Agile, MVP and international partnerships to minimize risk and maximize ROI for our investors.​


   Our focus on Casino means bringing innovation to the space through new mechanics, new social interactions and new distribution opportunities.  By rethinking games that have broad appeal we are able to capture new markets and new demographics while leveraging a large existing user base.  We employ the old adage 'author once, deploy many' by creating products for F2P, online casino and cabinet markets.


   Everything we do is building towards one long-term goal of creating an online gaming community with millions of engaged, connected and passionate players.

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