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Wild Party Bingo


Wild Party Bingo is an exciting twist on a favorite classic.  Players join teams of 5 and work towards both individual and common goals .  WPB  supports 1, 2, 3,4, 5 or 6 cards.  Two of the more exciting features are Booster Parties and Power-Ups.  Boosters and Power-Ups add exciting twists and addicting variety to the core mechanic.  Work with your team to gather top ranking in the world-wide leaderboard.  Progress from one awesome party to the next, as you travel around the world with your friends!


  • True realtime multiplayer gameplay with real people!

  • Excellence in Gaming Award Nominated! 

  • Our unique Teams feature allows you to join friends and co-operate, or compete with them!

  • We've added two main improvements to the classic game of Bingo; Booster Party and Power Ups.

  • With the Booster Party, your teamwork triggers a shower of goodies that improve your chances to Bingo!

  • PowerUps offer another level of gameplay, giving you 6 exciting ways to mix things up!

  • PowerUps add strategy, excitement and wild swings



- play 1 to 6 cards 
- 16 progressively difficult levels
- Booster Party bonus events
- 6 unique powerups
- teams or solo play
- chat
- persistent user profiles with stats
- unique friends lists
- gifting
- achievements
- unique locations to party around the globe including Brazilian Carnival, Vegas, French Versailles and Kid's Party!
- special Blackout mode
- '1-click' social interactions
- wide selection of party music

                                                     Come join the Party!


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