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Community Manager

Marion Wong

Allie has a long history of working with customers, including traditional customer service training.  She is currently managing our community and customer support functions, including email, web support and forum moderation.  Allie brings a special personal touch to everything she does and her attention to detail and making people happy makes her a fantastic member of the AL Team.

Ken Webster


Ken is a long time veteran of studio recording and an award winning composer.  Over the course of 30 years, Ken has studied, performed, recorded amazing sounds in both the studio the field.  He's worked for years in post-production for film and video games.


Ken’s focus is constantly on quality, original audio and with a background in technology services, he works to apply and improve audio workflow process and delivery. 



Star is our senior intern at AsylumLabs.   Star has loved playing and creating games since childhood and looks forward to all the experience and knowledge they will gain working with the rest of the team!  Star is planning on attending UCSC to study in game design.  

We have assembled a world-class team of artists, designers, engineers and data scientists.  Individuals from both the video game and casino industries work along side social media ninjas to provide engaging games and technology.

Jason is a 25-year industry veteran from companies like EA, Midway, Sony and Disney.  He has been a COO, Creative Director, Co-founder (multiple), and Art Director on many projects including Darkspore, Stranglehold, HBO Boxing, Jet Moto3 and more.   During the late 90’s, Jason started and ran Osiris Studios; a game company that shipped multiple console titles for publishers like Sony 989 and Acclaim.  Jason’s specific expertise is Leadership, PD, BD, BI and Agile development.  His experience as an entrepreneur and in-the-trenches development director make him an ideal person to head Asylum Labs.

Jason Kaehler


Larry Holland


Larry began his career in 1983 when computer games fit on 16K cartridges (or less) and teams consisted of a single programmer/designer/artist all wrapped into one.  At HesWare, he ported famous games like Super Zaxxon for the Vic-20, C-64 and Apple 2 and also created original games.  Larry composed the music and programmed the music interface for A Bard’s Tale.  Most of Larry’s remaining career (28 years) has been spent as President and CCO of Totally Games; a AAA console developer responsible for the X-wing Series (Lucas Arts), Bridge Commander (Activision) and Alien Syndrome (Sega).  Over the years, the games from Larry’s previous studio have generated over 30M in revenue.  Larry has also worked on Serious Games for both CISCO and DARPA.

Chris Turner

Art Director

Chris is an art jack-of-all-trades creative.  He's been a Lead Artist, Art Director, or Senior Artist & Animator at LucasArts and many other games companies during his 17 years in the games industry.  His primary focus is 2D and 3D animation.  Chris is also experienced in project scheduling and prioritization, leading and mentoring artists, and working with design and engineering to create the highest quality product quickly and efficiently.  With Chris, quality is #1.  Chris thrives at all stages of production, from blue-sky pre-pro to get-it-done production through post-launch tweaks and refinements.

Albert Mack


Albert loves games and has been programming and designing games since junior high when he got his first C64 computer. Albert is a 20 year game industry veteran who has worked on numerous console, PC, and social game titles including TIE Fighter CD, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, Secret Weapons Over Normandy, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Alien Syndrome, Monster Apps (Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Slayers), and many others.  He has served in various development roles including Technical Director and Lead Designer, and specializes in UI, multiplayer, and social games.  Before AL, Albert was co-founder of Forty Humans LLC, a company that created social and mobile titles on Facebook, iOS, Android, and Kindle platforms.

Amelie Clement is an experienced entertainment, technology and software industry executive with managerial and entrepreneurial success from over 14 years in consulting, business and corporate development, M&A, strategic planning, product management and producing focused during the last 10 years on the interactive entertainment industry.


Amelie has spent 10 years as Vice President Business Development for publishing & development companies JoWooD and Xendex. Brand names included AAA projects like SpellForce, Gothic, The Guild or Redbull games. Among her significant previous positions, Amelie was senior consultant for top ten global Management and Technology consulting firm BearingPoint,  where she led various strategy and technology projects for major clients within the financial services industry.


She has led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes. Latest projects include consulting leading Austrian MNO within a new venture in mobile gaming.


Amelie Clement holds a Master of Business Administration from studies in Vienna (Wirtschaftsuniversität) and Paris (HEC).

Amelie Clement

Director of BizDev Europe

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